Depending on what industry you’re in, with the current challenge of high overhead for in-store selling, selling your products online may be the perfect solution for your business. While this sounds like a perfect solution as a busy company owner you’ll likely agree that implementing product sales online is not as easy as it seems. With our technology and sales team we want to take the stress and guesswork out of online selling and make the entire process go smoothly. With our ecommerce service you’ll be able to spend more time working with customers in person while your website offers customers with a secure shopping experience online. No matter what products you’re selling on your site the key to successfully selling your products online is to have the right ecommerce tools at your disposal and our experienced team at your side to help you each step of the way. We can take away the doubt and fear of the unfamiliar process of online selling and replace it with confidence and competence so you can expand your online presence and grow your business.


Trouble managing business manually? MIM-ERP is a customized ERP software system from Mimsoft that allows you to manage your business operations successfully and systematically. Collect, store, manage and interpret your data from every business activity including purchasing, manufacturing, services and product planning through MIM-ERP. Some of the features of the system are Assets Management, HR Monitoring, Handling Camps, Financial Module, Managing Sales and Vendors Management. It is a complete solution for any small, medium and large scare business organization with any kind of product and service range.

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Enterprise Resource Planning MIMERP
Human Resource Managmeent MIMHRM


Facing difficulties to hand HR operations with bulk of files and papers? Or Fearing about using expensive software solutions to increase your overheads? Our custom developed MIMHRM system is something you are looking for. Now, you can do all HR related tasks in a matter of some clicks and that too very cost effectively. From handling information of individual employees to the management of company's own vehicles, you can make all of it digitally accessible. MIMHRM has a built-in dashboard to provide all the features available in the system that you can use for faster access. Our User Panel allows user to give restricted access to different users according to their role and it also has the capability to assign roles to different employees as per requirement.

Lease Management System

Specially designed web based Lease Management System for handling operation of a Shopping Mall. It provides you the freedom to operate all operations including Inventory, Payment Reports, Attach Lease Documents for record keeping, Handling utility bills etc. Some of the features including User Friendly Web Based System, Complete Financial System with reporting, Helpdesk, Management Integration supported, HR System and Procurement System Integration Supported, SMS Alert Service for Bills and Invoice Generation helps our clients to manage all kind of handling and reporting operations with no difficulty. Our support services will be available at your disposal to sort out any kind of unwilling and unwanted bugs and errors.
Lease Maangement System MIMLSM