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Powerful yet simplified accounting for seamless business growth

Transform your financial operations with EazyGL.
Online, easy-to-use platform for all your accounting needs.

Always Online Accounting


Effortlessly access invoices, receipts, bills, and profit statements anytime anywhere, simplifying your business processes.

Seamless, User-friendly, Efficient

Tons of Features
Always Online, Always Accessible

Inventory Management

Efficiently control stock and enhance order fulfillment with our streamlined inventory system.

Finance Management

Precise financial management, from tracking expenses to detailed reports, all within EazyGL.

Sales Management

Maximize revenue and customer experience through our intuitive sales platform.

Purchase Flow

Simplify procurement, enhance vendor management, and achieve cost-effective purchasing.

Warehouse Management

Optimize warehouse operations for smooth goods handling from entry to dispatch.

Human Resource Management

Elevate workforce management, covering attendance to performance seamlessly.

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