Microsoft Sharepoint


Creating website through SharePoint for organization is relatively easier than any other available platform. Use SharePoint as a secure place to store, organize, share and access information via any reachable device. Getting access to SharePoint is as easy as accessing a website on any browser including Firefox, internet explorer and chrome. SharePoint expertise at Mimsoft, rooted in the product’s first beta release in 2001, continues to grow through SharePoint 2010 support for clients including nearly 10% of the Microsoft Rapid Deployment Program (RDP) participants. Using this unmatched depth of experience, Mimsoft has developed a suite of value-added reusable components and frameworks that help reduce your costs and risks.

System Center

System Center benefits customers to gain a combined datacenter management experience with divergent monitoring, provisioning, conformation, automation, fortification and self-service abilities. You can now extend System Center capabilities with Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) to deliver a cloud-inspired, platform-agnostic solution to help you manage both traditional infrastructure and modern applications with ease. Mimsoft offers its assistance to you in using System Center 2012 as a cloud management tool as a Private Cloud of all internal servers including Windows, Solaris and Linus as well as this cloud management tool may also be used for public cloud services via resources hosted in Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud.
System Centre
Microsoft Sql Server

SQL Server

SQL Queries can be used to retrieve large amounts of records from a database quickly and efficiently. Proactive monitoring of your databases and notification to a certified team of both SQL Server and Oracle DBA’s to ensure we are the first to know of any problems on your site. SQL Server 2016 delivers breakthrough mission-critical capabilities in scalability, performance, and availability for your most important OLTP and data warehousing workloads. Now you can Protect data at rest and in motion. SQL Server is one of the most secure database available till date.

Office 365

Whether working in an office or using it on the go, Office 365 is the tool for you to get top of the line set of productivity. It allows you to create, edit and share right from your personal computer / laptop top running Windows or MAC or its hand held device running Android, IOS or Windows Mobile and that too with latest updates. Mimsoft guides you with every step so you can set up users easily and start working to get the maximum output with Office 365. With the help of user friendly admin center, you are free to access all of your files from anywhere if saved on cloud. Get these services to keep your stuff updated and running smoothly.
Microsoft Offcie 365
Mmicsorsoft Licence

Microsoft Licensing

The Microsoft Licensing model is designed to provide its customers with flexibility and options to fit all company needs and budgets. However, this diversity can mean that implementing the right solution for you requires expert guidance. Mimsoft proudly offer its services to guide you in getting exactly what you need for your business according to the requirements and scale of business. So, no more stress about choosing the right software and buying license for it as Mimsoft is here to help you get one.