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All-in-one Labour & Camp Mangement

Unparalleled control to fulfill your client’s labour needs
across multiple sites, large & small-scale.

Labour & Camp Management


The all-in-one solution for seamless labour and camp management.

Scalable, Data-driven, Strategic

Multiple Features
Expiry Notifications
Purchase requisitions
Critical Notifications

Camp Management

Take control of room availability, camp captains, and overall camp logistics.

Fleet Management

Monitor and optimize transport vehicles, machinery, and logistical workflows.

HR & Asset Management

Simplify requisitions, official documentation, lease management and more.

Vendor Management

Generate invoices, manage vendor relationships, and optimize financial transactions.

Sales, Finance & Accounts Management

All your numbers, funnels, vouchers, invoices, transactions business processes in one integrated solution tailored to your project.

Payroll & Permissions

Streamline your payroll processes and customize user permissions for seamless operations.

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