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The Ultimate Lease Facility Management System Tailored to Your Needs

An incredibly powerful and intuitive system designed for entities
responsible for managing leased properties, facilities and assets.

Lease Facility Management System


Experience simplified efficiency with a diverse toolset of features.

Automated, Real-time, Centralized

Ticket Tracking
Pending Tasks
Tickets Assigned
Tickets Closed
Turnaround Time
Tasks in Progress
Pending Tasks

Inventory Management

Track your assets with precision and ease.

Financial Portal with Reporting Capabilities

Access a comprehensive financial portal with robust reporting features for informed decision-making.

Payment Reports

Generate detailed and insightful payment reports effortlessly.

HR System Integration

Seamlessly integrate HR systems for efficient management of human resources.

Utility Bills Management

Streamline the management of utility bills seamlessly for a hassle-free experience.

SMS Alert Service

Stay informed with SMS alerts for bills and invoice generation, ensuring timely updates.

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