Security and Surveillance

Security And Surveillance

Deciding to implement monitoring with an affordable, state-of-the-art, IP-camera and CCTV monitoring system may be the most important and enabling decision you have made in a long time. A monitoring system will allow you to view live or previously recorded video of everything that goes on in your business, from employee/customer interaction to break-in attempts. This video can be accessed from anywhere in the world using any computer–all you need is a web browser and an internet connection! You no longer have to worry about what’s going on at the business during your days off or vacation. You can simply take a look for yourself! Easily settle customer disputes by reviewing exactly what information was exchanged between staff and customers. Deter shoplifting, theft, and vandalism with the very presence of the cameras. A monitoring system from Mimsoft Solutions will make your job easier and your business more productive. We are prepared to configure a custom, turnkey monitoring solution for you that will meet your monitoring needs and budget. Recording schedules are fully customizeable and automated according to your preference. You do not need to interact with the system at all until you are ready to view your recordings. Contact us today to set up your monitoring consultation.