Social Media Marketing

Having approximately 2 billion social media users in the world attracts every kind of business around the globe to make their presence online. Social media is evenly important for B2C and B2B companies to find their potential business and markets all over the world. Mimsoft proudly offers you to market your products and services on the social media available channels to boost your website through off page search engine optimization. The strategy of the marketing may vary from business to business as per its nature and the nature of its services and products but the end result will need to verify the importance of social media which is already established as every big or small scale business entity has its online presence in shape of social media. Mimsoft offers you to take the opportunity to the next level and invites you to shake hands and leave the burden of handling social media marketing to our shoulders. Our team of experts can help you achieve the results you ever dreamed for via creating attractive and effective marketing campaigns as per your budget. From creating and designing Ads to producing periodic quantitative report, mimsoft will assist you thoroughly.

Pay Per Click ( PPC )

Is the average cost of per click is relatively expensive to what your competitors are spending? Is your conversion rate is gradually decreasing? Is increasing PPC budget unable to get the desired results? If yes, then there is a need to rethink about the strategies you have been following for counter your competitors and there is a need to understand how PPC actually works for your business. Using long tail keywords might look relatively cheaper than the specific keywords but there ROI is not exactly what you were looking for. Finding the right combination of long tail and specific keywords may not only bring organic traffic to your website but it can also reduce the average cost of per click. To get exactly what you desire for, mimsoft offers you to run PPC on behalf of your business and may help you to make a perfect combination of keywords, ads and even campaigns. These services also include ad submission, creating ad text, optimizing landing pages, PPC monitoring and periodic PPC reporting.
Pay Per Click

Social Media Handling & Training

Mimsoft is of view that "your customers are as important to us as to you". This allows us to offer you to hand over your customer services on social media platforms. We have a pride to assign dedicated staff members to handle our every individual client in order to make them feel heard and important. We not only offer you to outsource customer handling to us but we also have a pride to train your staff to handle social media platforms in order to engage your customers positively and effectively. It is very important to have skilled staff to handle these social media platforms because the nature of conversation is "written" which has its legal aspects too. So, keeping the sensitive nature of customer handling on social media, let us provide you the hands you are looking for. The services we offer includes Social Profile Creation, Social media handling, software recommendation, Social media handling training, social media audit and Community building strategy and monitoring.
Social MediaHandling
Branding Brand managmenet

Branding & Brand Management

The rapidly growing importance of online presence forces every scale of business to create its brand image. Branding is all about the effective and attractive way of online presence for its potential customers and creating brand and manage the brand is not a part time job either. We at mimsoft provides you a solution to keep your image positive and attractive to your potential target audience. As an IT Solutions Company, we provide every possible element of services which might affect the deserving result of your online branding. From web development to optimization and from social media to blogging, we cover our clients to get exactly what they need to utilize for making their image and brand progressive. In today's world, competing with competitors needs a proactive approach and the difference between brands should be told to your customers so your brand strengthens on its own without getting affected by the negative branding by your rivals. It is better to be proactive than reactive.