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Revolutionizing university management for elevated learning experiences

Streamline university operations with
the University Management Software (UMS).

University Management System


Effortlessly manage admissions, student data, finances, and more for an optimized educational journey.

Automation, Analytics, Collaboration

Admin Panel

Student Enrollment

Seamlessly manage student enrollment, ensuring a smooth onboarding process for each academic journey.

Admission Testing

Simplify admission testing processes, providing a user-friendly experience for both applicants and administrators.

Class Schedule

Optimize academic planning with a dynamic class schedule feature, promoting efficient course organization.

Attendance Tracking

Enhance attendance monitoring with advanced tracking capabilities, ensuring accurate records effortlessly.

Examination Schedule

Efficiently plan examinations with MimUMS, facilitating a streamlined and organized assessment process.

Faculty Management

Empower academic institutions with robust faculty management tools, facilitating efficient resource allocation and tracking.

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